Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Taking a dip in Grandpa and  Grandma's hot tub.
This is the family entrance....there is a front door, but if you use it you don't know my parents very well.
The breezeway between the house and garage is pretty new. I love the way it turned out and love the sign (it's hard to read in the photo) that says Country Living....that is so, my parents.

I love the feel of walking into their back yard....there is always soft country music playing (for the horses.)  You can hear the water fall trickling (which has become Gus's water dish.)  The horses are along the back edge of the property, the yard has lots of sitting areas and is very 'country.'
This tree house has always been a favorite with the kids.  I remember being in High School and my brothers always being up there working on it.  At one point it had tubing so you could send things down (inspired by peewees playhouse)  My brother Jacob even had a lift set up to haul up all the materials.   The kids love it, Destrie takes about anything she can find up there. 
This wall in my moms kitchen is always constantly changing.  She is always finding antiques and shifting stuff from one room to the other.  But at one point or another most things take a turn here.
These three photos are of my moms room.  It used to be downstairs but they decided to do some remodeling.  It turned out beautifully.  I love the bead board and built in storage area.  It also has a huge walk in closet and Beautiful master bathroom.  My mom has lived in the house for a long time and lived through some pretty yucky stages of remodel, but I think it has paid off beautifully.


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