Livin' it up on vacation House-boating at Shasta Lake 
My beautiful little Kenzie is almost 8 years old. It is so crazy to think she will soon be deciding to be baptized. She is excitied because her birthdate is close to Jacksons and they will get to be baptised on the same day. Kenzie is a little social butterfly and has many close friends. Those who she plays with the most are Kennedy, Katie, Jacie and Brynlie and Brecken.  She had changed so much in the last couple of years.  It is fun to see the sweet young lady she is becoming.  Kenz is starting to like to just hang out with me and do Big Girl stuff.   Kenzie has always loves art work.  When she was two she colored perfectly inside the lines. She still loves artwork and it has developed to cards and books, scrapbook pages and all sorts of crafts. She really enjoys creating things and it is fun to see what she comes up with.

School starts next Monday. Kenzie will be going into 2nd Grade. She is excited that this year her friends Scotland and Taylor are in her class. Last year was hard for her because she had no-one she new in her class. Kenzie is a bit of a little worrier. I feel bad cause she is always saying how her tummy hurts...pretty sure it's anziety :( She is also excited to have the twins at the School, she is already working out with Kaysn who gets to walk them to class, so sweet. 
Loves to be dolled up
I miss this long does she.

First Dance Recital, she loved wearing make-up and getting all dressed up.

My lou is definitly a water her mom

Little Lou Lou Belle...I just want to kiss that little nose.

So grown up with her new Hair lasted about a year and now we are growing in back out.  She has the BEST hair.  I'm totally jealous of it.

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