Kylie took these adorable pictures of Brecken!  Brecken is all girl!  She is ribblons and lace, dresses and hairbows, dolls and purses.  She definitly appreciates a cute outfit and fancy hairdo....just like her mama.  Brecken is my little BFF.  She is almost always by my side and is very lovey and cuddley.  On the days it drives me crazy I try to remind myself that she will one day be a teenager and wont want me I try to enjoy it.  Breck is a little mommy, she has to know what is going on with everyone, likes to be in the know.  She is always caring for others and making sure everyone has what they need.  She is the first to take care of one of the other kids if they get in trouble, are upset or hurt.  (She also gets herself in a bit of trouble trying to tell them what they can and can't do.)  She has lots of friends and makes friends very easily , she will walk right up to kids she doesn't know at the park or pool and make friends instantly....but she is a bit of a homebody and always makes a point to come check in an see me while she's off playing. 

My little Brecky, all dolled up.
Always a big SMILE!
Oh-so-little Sweety
Preschool Field Trip
Brecken begged and begged to go to my moms and ride the horses, so last week we spent a few days in Liberty with my mom and step-dad. She couldn't wait to saddle up Ol' George and go for a ride. But when her turn finally came she was crying cause she wanted to ride and crying because she was afraid to ride. (Remind you of anyone mom?) She ended up riding with Kylie which made her feel a little more comfortable and then didn't want to get off....silly girl!
The other day Breck was having a huge melt down....(reminded me of Kylie.) She was screaming and Bawling and didn't even know why...Blake and I tried everything to calm her down for about an hour and a half. Finally I said Breck, do you need a change of Scenery? Should we go somewhere? She says yes, can we go to Maverick? I need a DR. Pepper. Soo cute! Yes, I am teaching my kids terrible habits, but after all that falling apart a little trip to Maverick seemed to do the trick.

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