I just adore my Brynlie Shae, she has a simple love for life that is contagious. Bryn is always is the first to point out the little joys in life and I am constantly being told....'This is my best day EVER,'  This is this coolest thing I EVER did in my WHOLE LIFE,' I never to to do THIS before.'  She always says it with such drama and emphasis.  Bryn is always singing, instead of her toys (or in her case food) talking to eachother they's like a musical is constantly going in her head.  It's adorable.  Appropriatly, because she is such a little ray of sunshine her favorite color is yellow.  A week or so ago I realized she wasn't pronouncing  'yellow' like 'lellow' anymore....I should be proud that she got it right, but rather it was a sad moment.  She is growing up so quickly!  I just love my little Shae Shae!

little-little shae

Preschool Graduate...saying Oh-yeah!!!

Hanging from a tree and oh so proud of herself.

Quite the little diva....wearing her sunnies on her head like mom.

Bryn said to Chris Tomlinson, 'Hey Chris remember when you yelled at us?'
Chris says, 'I always yell at you...when your naughty.'
Bryn says 'Okay, well can I jump on your tramp?'
Was she looking for bartering power to jump on the tramp? Silly girl!

Bryn is grounded from gum....she has had it in her hair twice in the last month....probably because she can't eat anything with out playing with it.  The second time even goo-b-gone couldn't get it out and I had to cut it out :(

Lately Bryn had been having bad dreams...this is new for her.  She askes me everyday usually before 9 or 10 am if she can sleep with me that night.  It is so cute...I've stuck to my guns that she needs to sleep in her own bed, but deep down I really want to give in.  (Otherwise I'll easily end up with 3 girls in my bed every night...and it just ain't that big!)

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