My sweet Boy
My Boy!! I'm so greatful that Heavenly Father sent me Kaysn. I love my girls but it is so nice to have a drama-less, rough-tough yet oh so sweet boy.

Covered in Dirt, Camping.
Little Kaysnator....1st grade.
Too Tough for pictures.
What a Handsom Young Man!!!
Kaysn has waited all year for football season to start. He quit drinking pop and eating sweets about a month ago to start preparing. We made the hard decision to not move him up a league this year and keep him with the kids his age. (Which means he has a new coach) He is going to have a great year and is already starting to stand out for being fast and a hard worker. Can't wait for the games!!

Football 2010
Kaysn is a Bear this year in scouts and has just completed all of his requirements to earn his bear. He had a great time at day camp a few weeks ago and was very excited to come home with yet another pocket knife.

My Bear Cub 
Kaysns best friend is Brennick Call and they are pretty inseperable. They have a lot of fun together and it is fun to watch Kaysn as he is getting older and can now venture out to the field to shoot air soft guns or ride to the tunnel or to the park to play baseball with all the neighborhood boys.

Kaysn and Brennick
Made a toolbox with Kaysn and Kalub today...they were bored. It didn't turn out the best because we just used scraps from around the house. But it was fun to spend the time with my boy...and though there were a few close calls with the drill (Kaysn's a speed demon) I still have all my fingers. Then a week or so after Matt gave Kaysn some building kits from home depot. Every morning this week I wake up to hammering in the garage. So far this week Kaysn has made a football wall hanging with pegs.  A small football field goal to be used with the little footballs that you fold out of paper. He made a mini foosball table, a telescope and there are still one or two more to come. It has been very fun to watch him get excited as he creates the projects with out any help from Blake or I. 

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