It is hard to narrow down all the fun photos of Kylie. If I doen't take enough she is sure to. She is becoming a really good photographer and comes up with some really fun ideas. I love looking at how she has changed over the past few years. I wish I had owned a digital camera sooner and had more digital photos to post from when she was little.

My little Ky, she seems so young in this photo, it's amazing what 5 years can do.
Such a sweetheart
Too cool for mom to be takiing first day of school photos
This last 7 months has been really hard for me as a mother. Kylie is staying with her dad and attending School at South Davis JR. High. It has been really hard for me to not have her here. We have a lot of fun when we hang out together. She even goes out with my friends and I when we have girls nights out. Ky is very fun and makes friends easily. She comes with a lot of drama but that is a 13 year old girl. Kaysn and Kylie are very close and he is always very anxious for her to come home. The three little girls about drive Kylie crazy cause they wont leave her alone when she comes. There is no questioning that she is well loved.
7th grade...on to JR. High
what a beautiful young lady she has become

sassy, short hair...with pink highlights

The Stadium of Fire featuring Jonas Brothers.  One of our favorite family trips.

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