Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer is heating up.

It went from cool and rainy to hot, hot summer in a matter of days. We spent Tuesday at Lagoon in 96 degree weather and the rest of the week cooling down in the pools and sprinklers. I'm not complaining though, we live for the heat. Lagoon was a much needed break from work for Blake. It was our stake Laggon day, we spent the day with the Tomlinsons and Delunas and ran into a ton of friends and neighbors. Chris, Mike and Blake had a blast drag racing as we all watched from the sidelines. Blake didn't win but the kids think he did because he had a bigger number on the clock. I didn't bother explaining, they only think there dad is the best at everything for a few years, why mess with a good thing. I think Wicked is everyones new favorite ride. Kylie, Kaysn, Destrie and Blake rode it four + times and begged for more, I rode once. Kenzie, Markell, Brecken and Brynlie enjoyed kiddie land but the all time favorite is and has always been the merry-go-round. I think they only love it cause they know how sick it makes mom and dad. Brecken came to me this morning with her shoes and said I needed to get ready cause we were going to Lagoon again today. I had a hard time explaining to a three year old why that just wasn't going to work out. Mabie next year we will splurge for season tickets.


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