Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Christmas time at our house

Christmas isn't just a day for our family it is an entire month of activities, stories and little traditions. I love how much time we spend together. Mabie it's the cold, the break from school or just the season but we sure have enjoyed being together.

We have always made ginger bread houses but I usually don't let the kids eat it for a few days. Immediately after this picture was taken I let them dig right in, so it only looked cute for all of 10 minutes. But they had fun making it... and eating

Our yearly trip to see the lights at temple square and notice no strollers this year! It may not sound like a big deal but it was a first for us. One year we even lost a stroller by setting it on the snow bank while we loaded up the kids and then driving off without it. It was nice.

We discovered the sledding hills at Syracuse High this year. We've gone a few times now and have had a blast. Brynlie is the funnest to watch because she has no fear.<



Very cute family picture! Hope you guys are doing well.

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