Sunday, March 22, 2009


Poor Kenz is having a bad month. She just keeps getting herself injured. First the mouth, then she fell on her bike and cut in between her legs and now the eye. Breck, Bryn and Kenz were playing on the Slide and their friend Haylie got a little inpatient with them, Breck got kicked down the slide and her head slammed into Kenzie. It was all very dramatic, but we never do have a shortage of drama around here. I told Kenzie she was done with injuries for a while because bad things come in three's. Then the next day she cut her hand on a piece of glass from a plate Kylie broke...she was sure to let me know that her bad luck was not limited to three. What do I know anyway?


Cheri said...

I saw her eye in church, and thought, poor sadie, what next? I guess that is the way it is with kids. They are really good at injuries. I love the temple pics!

Terryn and Nick said...

I guess you really do need to put Kenzie in a bubble. Poor girl!

Carlie & Markell said...

that poor girl! at least she is still smiling! i burned my hand on my chi for the third time in a week today we must be related!

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