Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Girlie's Play Soccer (kinda)

We were really excited that Nick was going to coach a peewee soccer team this year. Parker, Aiden, Jailyn, Brecken and Brynlie were all able to be on his team. But we realized a few pratices in that the girls were more interested in playing with their friends and getting drinks and snacks than in actually playing soccer. Most games the girls (including Parker and Jailyn) were carried, pulled and prodded to play. Brynlie even had to be moved out of the way because she was laying on the field and they didn't want her to get kicked. Brecken and Brynlie did enjoy playing goalie and loved when they were able to stop the ball. Brecken got really close to scoring a goal....but I can't honestly say if Brynlie made contact with the ball at all unless she was goalie. Not that she didn't try...she just couldn't keep up with the ball. It was fun though and a good experience for them......but we might wait a couple of years before I sign them up to play again.


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