Monday, November 9, 2009


The girls all decided they wanted to be Ballerinas this year for Halloween. I was surprised that they all wanted to be the same thing...sometimes they like it and sometimes they don't. Kenzie decided at the last minute that she didn't want to be just like the twins and wanted to be a dead Ballerina...thus the face make-up....pretty cute. Kaysn wanted to be a Dead
Football player (any costume is cooler dead) but when they wouldn't let him wear his face makeup to the class party he decided to borrow a Hog Dog was pretty funny.

We had a fun day. Went to Toys R Us in the morning with Michelle and the kids. We went home and after carving pumpkins and roasting seeds had a pumpkin shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's. Then off to the Neighborhood Trunk or Treat where I sat with friends at the Edgertons and passed out candy (and got some fun pictures.) After the Trunk or Treat Matt took the boys and Jen and I took the girls for some Trick or Treating. When Blake finally came home we all headed to Matt parents and the Mall. I don't know how but the boys still weren't done so Jen and I took the little girls home to bed and Matt and Blake took the other kids for more Trick or the time they came home they were loaded with candy and exhausted.

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