Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Temple Square

We visit Temple Square every December and take in all the beautiful lights and the spirit felt there. I was worried I would miss our Annual trip this year because of my back surgery was Scheduled for December 14th and I knew I wouldn't be able to make it after the surgery. I was excited when the Smiths, Calls, and Wells, all decided to go with us just a few days before the 14th. It was a little crazy this year because we didn't realize the grounds would be packed due to a Concert that took place in the Conference Center that night. It took about an hour to find parking, it was also freezing cold and we had to walk carefully as the sidewalk were very slick. But, I am still glad we went and I am grateful to live so closely to not only the Salt Lake
Temple, but many Temples.


Biesingers said...

cute pics Sadie! Love ya

Dream Big Designs said...

Love the pictures! And you girls have such BIG eyes! Love it!

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