Monday, February 8, 2010

Thanksgiving at Bart and Tansy's

I have so many things to be GREATFUL for this year. I am very blessed to have an amazing FAMILY who are all loving and forgiving and accepting of each other. We may not spend a whole lot of time together now that we each have our own families, but I am truly at HOME when we are TOGETHER. We aren't your typical bunch, or the definition of NORMAL by any means, but we wouldn't want to be.
Sadly, everyone didn't make it to Bart and Tansy's for THANKSGIVING Dinner, (they were so awesome to host!) But we still had a GOOD TIME!! It was especially FUN to see my Dad and Bart down in the basement 'Jammin' together. Some of my fondest memories of my Dad involve him playing his guitar and often times we would all sing together while he played. (The root of my love for MUSIC, I'm sure.) Tansy put together the kits for everyone to make their 'Thankfulness Glasses', which are now a tradition and it is always fun to see what designs transpire.

.........a few other things I am Thankful for: YuMmY FOoD! A dEpENdabLe cAR, dR. PEpPEr, oUR BeAUtIFuL HoME, mY HUbBy! FoND MeMOrIes, mY pAReNTs, cELl PhONe, OUr WaRD aND AmaZiNG BiShOP, KyLIe, kAYsN, KEnZie, bRYnLie, BRecKen, DvR, sPrInGTimE aND sOfT GReEn GraSS, gReat FrIEndS! fReEDoM, sHoEs, a CrAZy-BuSY-FUn-FiLled-LiFE, muSiC, seNsIEs, tEMpLes! tHe QuiEt-pIecEFuLL-CleAn-RelaxINg HoUrS aFtER The dAY iS DOne, FLoWerS, HaND bAgS, OpPoRTuNiTIeS tO SeRve anD The SeRVicE oF OtHers, bIg HuNK's, pAiNkILlErS :( JeWlrY, sISTerS, fAmIlY vACaTiONs, My ChI, bLAkeS Job, bRoTHerS, HoOdIEs, HuGS and kIsSEs, tHe AToNEmenT, neW SoCKs, mAkEUp, Neighbors, gOod BoOKs, pRiEStHOOd bLeSSiNgs, pHoToGraPHS, bLoGS, CrEAtiViTY, gOOd TimES!!


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