Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Baby Chick Day

I ran down to the farm store again this year to let the kids see the baby chicks.  They love holding them and I must admit are super cute.  (Too bad they don't stay that size.)  Brooklyn and Burton got to come with us this time because I was watching them.  They all really enjoyed it, but we didn't stay long, the poor chicks were getting mauled to death.


Andraé said...

where isthis farm? Iwould love to take my kiddos!

Andraé said...

okay the typing is a little off :0 I am typing with a crazy 9 month old who wants the key board :)

Sadie said...

It's just the Dallas Green Farm Store on Antelope. Chenelle Houston took us lasy year and we met her here again this year. It's pretty fun to hold 'em.

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