Thursday, July 1, 2010


Jen threw the funest Eclipse Party.  She came up with super cute ideas and I had a blast helping her put some of it together.  It was really fun to get creative and it turned out amazing. 
We went to see Eclipse following the party at the Junction in Ogden.  We had purchased reserved seating and had a little mix up with our seats.  Apparently they changed theatres and put us in a different theater and different seats.  But nobody told us about it until the people who had purchased out same seats showed up.  It was ugly and we ended up exiting and then re-entering the theatre 5 minutes before the movie was to start.  Luckily we didn't miss any of the movie but did miss most of the previews.  Our new seats were two rows from where we originally sat and were still good.  But it was still embarrasing and frustrating to exit and then come back in to sit two rows from where we were.  (Chenelle called the next morning and scored us all free tickets to go back...Sweet!!)  As soon as the movie started it didn't matter anymore.  The movie was great, can't wait to see it again...Ahhh Edward! 
 Check out the super cute decorations....I especially love the necklaces Jen and I made and wore!!!


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