Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We went to the Rodeo!!

I finally took my kids to the Rodeo!!! I haven't been to a Rodeo for 14 years. Sad that it is something my kids have missed out on because I always love it...I do after all have deep roots in Smithfield! I honestly haven't gone because the Cache Valley Rodeo was the last place I saw my Brother Jacob, he died the following morning. But that was 14 years ago.... and no reason not to enjoy something we all loved.... So I dusted off my cowboy hat and enjoyed the show. My kids loved it. Jenn and her kids went wth us...or we went with them? (Blake and Matt both had to work.) The announcer mentioned Charlie Daniels was in the audience and he just so happened to be a few rows behind us, Kaysn and Brennick were able to get his Autogragh....not that they knew who he was, but I googled him on my phone really quick and played 'Devil went Down to Georgia' so they knew he was famous.
Along with the usual Rodeo events they also had a special tribute to the troops, parachuters dropped in, and ended with a really cool Motocross show. It was a great day for all, so glad we went.


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