Monday, August 30, 2010

Bus Stop

Because I attended school with them on the first day, Brecken and Brynlie rode the bus for the first time today.  We have quite the big bus stop with lots of good neighborhood kids.  I snagged a few shots of them waiting and boarding the bus.  They were so excited but a little nervous, I'm glad they have eachother. 

Then like an overprotective mother I drove to the school to make sure they got in the right line and made it into class (HEY, Michelle and Veronica did it to.)  It was a good thing I did cause Kenzie helped them to the wrong is a little confusing out there.  They were all there and waiting when I came to pick them up a couple hours later...(they only bus to school) all went well.  Brynlie was pouting though cause she didn't get to play everything she wanted, I think it will be an adjustment from preschool and all the playtime. 


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