Saturday, October 16, 2010

Couples Party

Tanya and Micah always throw a great party. We had a blast at their 'Couples Party.' We enjoyed lots of yummy treats, great company and playing games.We have never played this before and really enjoyed 'Minute to Win it.' Who knew you could have so much fun and make such a fool of yourself in 60 seconds.
Tiffani put the challenges together. I don't know all the names, but for this one each couple blew the cherry (which was dangling from a string) back and forth until one of them could catch it in there mouth, it was totally hilarious to watch...and Blake and I were terrible at it!
This game is called Cookies on the Face. The cookie starts on your forhead and you have to work it down your face and into your mouth. Needless to say we looked hilarious scrunching up our faces and sticking out our tounges. Most of us couldn't do it but Matt, Micah and Jared all did...pretty impressive!
For this game we took a pair of Nylons that had a penny in the bottom of each leg. Then each of us had to get the penny out using only one hand. This game involved stacking 3 golf balls on top of one another and getting them to stay that way for 3 minutes. Very hard to do because you get so shaky concentrating. There were a few teams that did it though.
We also had an event where you blew plastic cups off the table by blowing up a balloon and deflating it using the air inside to blow the cups. After 'Minuite to Win it' we all sat down and played the 'Newly-Wed' game. Thanks for hosting Tanya, you did a great job and we had such a fun night. We have the most awesome friends!


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