Monday, September 20, 2010

My Twins 6th Birthday and Lady Bug Tea Party

My little Girlies turned 6!  When did they grow up?  We had a special party this year.  I decided on a Lady Bug Tea Party and as usual went a little crazy putting it together. 
I bought the Bryn and Breck these cute little birthday outfits and made the super cute flowers for their hair.  Their teacher made a point to celebrate their special day and they both came home with the cute Birthday hats. 
They invited 6 of their little friends from our neighborhood and since there are three of them (with Kenzie) it made for a cute little group of girls. 
I spent most the morning throwing decorations up so that when they got home they would be surprised.  I put together goodie bags and clipped Lady Bug hair clips that I made to each one and sat the bubbles and a Lady Bug party blower at each place setting.  I tried to be cheap and draped the chairs with black garbage bags, and tulle instead of sewing slip covers....wont do that again.  (The little girls didn't care but it was a little cheezy.)  I found a new use for Blakes Shade Pop-up.....  I took the canvas off the top and wrapped it tuelle, and added balloons, ribbons and tissue paper flowers.  It turned out cute and made it very Girly and fun. 

The girls loved pouring Lemon-aid out of the little tea pots and snacking on an assortment of mini cookies, green and red grapes, and toothpicks with a piece of cheese, pickles and an olive on each one.  I also sprinkled the table with individually wrapped butter mints.  (All Brynlie and Breckens favorite snacks.)   I did have to refill a lot of little tea pots and cleaned up a few little spills....but the benefit of tiny tea cups is...the spills are tiny to!!  The girls were very cute, they tried sticking their little pinkies out when the drank and kept calling each other madam, I loved it... and I think they did to??
We bi-passed cake and ice cream and had little mini cupcakes and Dibs (little mouth size chocolate covered ice cream treats.)  Didn't make for a great 'blow out the candles' moment but it worked.
The girls got the most adorable gifts...way more than they (or I) ever expected.  I actually feel bad for the parents of the girls they invited having to buy 2 gifts.  I thought about having each girl invite 3 friends and specifying who they were bringing the present for but couldn't figure out how to do it without sounding with twins!!!  Their friends each took turns delivering their gifts to them and then sat and watched as they were opened.  Every time Brynlie and Brecken opened something they went and gave that friend a was so cute!!!  (Still need to get those thank you cards out...oops....they don't do much good in my closet.)
The girls all played 'Birthday Girl Says'  (Simon says) first Brynlie was it....then Brecken.  They giggled and laughed their little hearts out.
Then they played Musical Chairs.....They were all really good sports.  Blake ran the CD player and I'm pretty sure it wasn't a coincidence that the twins were the last two in the game.  Brynlie Triumphed and Brecken walked off to pout and said 'Friends, Hug me!' and was quickly surrounded in a group hug by all of her 'girls.' 
You may have noticed the skirt change in the middle of all their birthday photos.  I ordered the girls Petty-skirts months ago and have been so excited to give them, to them...they of course LOVED them!!!  They are the best ever to twirl in and make the cutest photos...I am getting their pictures taken in them and will be posting the photos soon.

Tanya, thank you!  I love you girl, Tanya came and photographed the party for me so I could relax and just be the mom.  She took amazing photos and helped me get everything put together, I couldn't have done it without her.
Michelle also helped me decorate....a long but fun process, and poor Michelle got stuck in the kitchen...again...I swear she is gonna quit helping me with parties because she always ends up cutting fruit, making drinks and putting the food out...thanks girl, your the best.  I never could get these things together by myself....and poor Hunter, next year we will have a party a little boy will be proud to come to.  (Since he is gonna marry one of the girls he ought to be able to come to their party.)


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