Monday, December 20, 2010

The 20th Day of Christmas

We donated toys to Primary Childrens Hospital today. Pillow pets are something all of my kids really wanted for Christmas this year so I thought they would be the perfect thing for them to donate. We tied bows around each of their necks and then went with friends down to the Hospital...we stopped for lunch on the way. When we got there we put all the gifts we had gathered together in a special wagon the Jen Call dontated in memory of their daughter Meghan. The kids loved talking to the hospital worker who took our donations and explained some of the things the hospital does with the toys to them. Brynlie was especially excited to talk to her and tell her all about when she was there for heart surgery and RSV. Bryn said she had needles coming out of her head....I don't really remember it that way....LOL. I think she is referring to the oxygen was cute though. This was a really neat experience and I would like to make it a new tradition.


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