Friday, December 24, 2010

The 24th Day of Christmas

Christmas Eve is finally here! We had a wonderful night together. The evening started with Kaysn opening box 24....then the kids got to open and change into their new Christmas PJ's. (Blake and I got some too...sorry folks no pics of us, your not missing much.) The girls LOVE this style of PJ's, we got this brand and cut last year to...I think I'll be buying them every year! Kaysn got fleece football PJ pants and Kylie's pants were covered in cupcakes (her favorite).... Brecken was excited that hers had cupcakes too and she matched Ky! Next we headed to the kitchen for our traditional scones with honey butter, Navaho tacos and hot cocoa. We also tried cheese fondue for the first time...big hit!!! and had lots of other yummy treats. We then spent the evening dancing around the kitchen to Christmas Carols....Kaysn and Kylie swing danced...hilarious! We also played our new Uno flip game, and the girls had a blast with a box of packing peanuts...then we read the Christmas Story, hung stockings, put out the cookies the kids had made for Santa (with milk)...... and sprinkled Reindeer food for Santas Reindeer. Then the kids headed up to bed...(all in one room)....and Kylie read them 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.' It was a fun night, full of lots of memories....can't wait until morning!!!


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