Saturday, November 20, 2010

Just Dance 2 Houseparty

I won another great party on This time we got the Just Dance 2 and Just Dance Kids, Wii games. We had the Wells, Smiths, Calls, Montgomerys and Chenelle Houston over for a Pizza party and to try them out. The kids had a great time playing and played for hours. The Adults never really got the chance to try it, guess we'll have to play it again another night. It was great having everyone over, we don't do it often enough anymore.


Michelle said...

Hey, don't leave us out!! My kids had a blast and Katee is freaking out seeing herself dancing!! Thanks again!

Crazy4family said...

I'm sorry...and such a jerk!!! In all fairness I was trrying to post some of this stuff really quick because I am so far behind and didn't even read back over it. Love you guys!!!

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