Saturday, March 5, 2011

BYU Game

Today was AWESOME!!! Kaysn, Blake and I went to the BYU game with the Calls. We couldn't have picked a better game, it was Seniors night and the crowd was totally fired up! It was a little disappointing that Davies didn't play, but the one and only...totally amazing.... Jimmer Fredette tore it up and scored 38 points! The Cougars won Wyoming 102 to 78 and were awarded The Mountain West Conference Championship. After the game it was fun to watch the team celebrate as confetti was shot everywhere, the team passed around the championship Trophy and cut down the net. Jimmer could hardly move without tons of reporters right on his heals. As we made it outside the Cougars rang the Victory Bell.

It is rare that Blake and I are able to just spend a day with just our boy. He is out numbered by the girlies at our house. We had great time together and I hope he remembers this day for a long time to come.
Had to throw this in.....
He is such an amazing player.....
Teach me How to Jimmer!


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