Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our Lucky Day!

What cute little Leperchans I have, I am super LUCKY!   

 That silly Leperchaun played all kinds of tricks at our house.  The kids loved discovering all the silly things he in the fridge, a chair in the shower, a guitar in the pantry, GREEN Milk, a Pillow Pet on top of the hutch, upside-down stools, Ketchup and Mustard on the bathroom counter and Brynlie thought it was absolutly hilarious that her monkey was in a pot on my pot rack.
 That sneaky little guy didn't just play tricks either.  He left a bunch of treats in his hat and at the end of the RAINBOW...and lots of treats on the ground everywhere he went. 

 The kids were funny because they picked up and straightenend everything they saw right away....apparently they only clean up after people who leave candy everywhere.  We had GREEN Juice and Lucky Charms breakfast bars for breakfast.
......all dressed up in their new GREEN duds for School. Don't wanna get pinched!!!

We had an extra special GREEN dinner...Sloppy Joes on GREEN Buns, GREEN Punch, RAINBOW Jello and Cupcakes!  Now how am I gonna top that next year?


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