Thursday, March 3, 2011

Super MOM!

I have come to the conclusion that I will never be a.......I will never fit in a HOT, TIGHT, SUPER HERO outfit....even one with 'painted-on' abs.and I will never be able to do it ALL....but I really wish I had a CAPE...NO SERIOUSLY, just to wear on those RARE days when I feel like I am actually above a 5 on the 'Super Mom Meter'.....which of course is scored by me, and I am never hard on myself, or expect more than is reasonably possible of myself. Today was one of those RARE days.
I got the kids off to school, hair done, dressed in the 'cute' clothes, well fed, brushed teeth, coats zipped, backpacks checked and double checked about 3 times to make sure Kaysn had absolutely everything he could need for his school ski trip..... and I packed Kaysn and Kenzie extra special lunches.
After I got them off to school I attacked the basement, I hung sheet-rock and wainescoating (with Blakes help,) yes finally, my Wainescoating is up....LOVE IT!.....hanging it freed up much needed space in the garage, so I picked it up a bit while I was out there. I also paid a few bills, switched laundry (I did 5 loads today!) and picked up my house .
When Bryn and Breck came home and I made us all a yummy lunch, then jumped in the was a little late in the day, but I'm okay with that : ) Then....I put together a lesson plan for Sunday and dropped off all the supplies for my sub. I made a double batch of Chocolate Chip cookies. A friend came over to visit and we hung out and talked for about an hour while the cookies baked and I picked up the kitchen (including a random box of cleaning products I pulled out from under the sink when I cleaned it out...ummm......last week,) then I sent her home with a plate of cookies. I also put together a plate of cookies for a neighbor who gave us some new kitchen chairs, wrote a card and dropped it off.
Kenzie came home and was soo excited to eat cookies while we talked about her day, then it was time to pick up Kaysn from school....and guess what I wasn't late! In fact I was 15 minuted early...that never happens. We talked about the trip, which he LOVED! we put away all of his ski gear, the kids each did a chore and then we started in on homework. I did all 4 kiddos homework with them and didn't get frustrated with anyone! I know...seriously? I promise I pinched myself, not dreaming.
For dinner...and this may not seem like a Super Mom dinner but my kids were thrilled....I actually took their orders and made what they asked for. Blake was at work and I wasn't hungry....too many Chocolate Chip Cookies? They loved it, I put on my Apron and wrote down their orders and everything. After dinner, we rocked out for a bit, then did baths and PJ's, I remembered their Vitamins, read to the girls, helped them brush their teeth, and tucked all four of them into bed. When they fell asleep and after I picked up the house again, I sat down to work for the next 5 hours.....feeling pretty good about my day!
But of course it was just one day and wont last, most days I feel like I drop the ball on just about everything........The Super Mom 'CAPE' came off when I realized I have to squeeze in a couple more hours of work every day next week during the day....How the H???? Ya I wish I was Super Mom but seriously....I CAN'T do it all, and I'm not even sure I want to.
I DO wish I was better about staying on top of my house work and was more consistant with homework and both morning and evening routines with my family. Here hoping I have at least one Super Mom day a week, that's not asking much is it? Just one day a week that I feel like I CAN....I vote at every Thursday.


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