Tuesday, May 3, 2011

If I didn't have you.....

Brynlie is so stinkin' funny...... This morning at about 7:15 as I was lying in bed awake (but dreading getting up.)  I heard her little voice in the hallway talking to the picture frames. It immediately caught my attention because the first thing she said was "Kaysn, I would be so sad if you were dead." My ears perked up and I tried to figure out what she was doing. Then she said, "You are my only brother!.... and the best brother in the whole world!.... you take care of me and what would I do with out you!"   (all in very exaggerated tones) Then a few seconds later she starts again...."Brecken I would be so sad with out you, your my best friend and my twin! My only twin! and what would I do without my twin, who would I play with.... my life would be so lonely." Then again a few seconds later...... "Kenzie you are my favorite one in the whole family! Your my big sister, well one of my big sisters cause I have Kylie to.....and I really like you, I like to play with you, please don't die."....."Kylie your my other big sister, and I really love you! I would be really sad if I didn't have my biggest big sister anymore, my life would be ruined! I miss you.".... Then Blake walked past her and into our room and she ran off to eat breakfast. It was the sweetest thing ever.
I do find it a little strange that she was thinking so much about death, but I wonder if what got her thinking about it are the photos that hang across the hall around the saying..... 'The Best way to have a piece of Heaven in your Home is to have someone you Love in Heaven'....whatever triggered it, it was super sweet and very unexpected.


Nichole and Nic said...

Your kids are the best!!

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