Monday, September 12, 2011

Kenzies BRIGHT little room.

Tah-dah!  I waited until Kenzie went to bed and pulled it all together.  I love it!  I really went back and forth on doing this room white.  It is the only white room in my whole house, but I am so glad we did.  It makes everything else POP...and you would never know that you were in the basement.  

 The green dresser is a BRIGHT to say the least but I love it.  I used her favorite colors, green and orange, and the pink was all really needed it, and all little girls rooms need a little pink right?
 I think my dad thought I was a little crazy when I said I didn't want closet doors...right dad?  They could always be added later, but I have had these sheer curtains floating around in my head for months and just knew I had to make them.  LOVE how they turned out!

Spray painted this beauty orange for her ear-rings and necklaces.

 With Kenzie it is all about what things feel like...thats why I brought in furry, fuzzy, feathery, flowy and fluffy finds :) ................say that 5 times fast!

 Often imitated but never duplicated.......the infamous green dresser!  (get it Jenn?)

I have had this beauty in my garage painted for about a month and I am lucky it didn't get stolen before it made it down stairs.  Who new 'Key Lime Pie' was such a popular color for furniture.  After moving her in I decided there is room after all for the end table (the room really is tiny.)  So I'll get that painted this week and move down there to.

I wanted to do something personal that she would still enjoy as she gets a little older so I came up with this window..... perfect.
Yes, no carpet yet....we'll get there eventually.  A friend is giving me a larger remnant that will cover the closet and the entire room, so it won't be quite this bad.  I still have to get the hallway finished before I can actually have carpet laid...oh and save lots of $$$.

I am also making her a magnet/chalk board when I get together with Carlie and I'll post some pictures when it's done.

I said I'd paint it!'s the end table.


Ali said...

Don't think I'm too crazy, since you don't know me! I found your blog on accident because I also have a daughter named Brynlie. I'm wondering how you created the curtains in this post? They look like individual pieces of sheer material? Just wondering if you could give me an idea on how to pull this off on my own. My email is ali (underscore) ellefsen@yahoo or my blog is Thanks!

Kelly King said...

I am curious how you created the curtains also. My email is

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