Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Kenzie had her first dance recital last night. We are so proud of her and all her hard work, she remembered every step and was quite frustrated with the girls who didn't. I thought at one point that she was going to correct them right there on stage. Kenzie will turn six in September and is very excited to start Kindergarten. She loves to play with her friends, and spends most of her time outside in the sunshine. She has a better tan than I do. Kenzie is my little cleaner. She will help me do any chore I ask and does a better job than the older kids usually do. We love our Lu-Lu and are so proud of her!


Melissa and Dave said...

Sadie! How are you? This is Melissa Snow.(I used to live over by Dora)I found you linked to Stagge's blog. Your little ones are so big! Can you believe how fast time goes? I just had another baby. She was born on Feb 24 and we named her LILY. She is a fun little baby and a great caboose!

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