Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Camping at the Lazy W

This past weekend I took the kids up to the Lazy W in Liberty for a Wilson Family Reunion. They love being up there. We spent three days playing in the dirt, hiking, riding four wheelers and the horses. Kaysn and Destrie even got to ride a little 50 dirt bike for the first time. Kaysn did great and now wants one for his birthday. Destrie flipped it on the first try. she was totally fine and it was actually quite funny. Tansey came up with me but Aurie and Azalia got sick she took them home Saturday night. She left Kayla with me then drove all the way back Sunday afternoon to go to Bear Lake with us. We got all the kids in swim suites, sunblocked them and loaded them in the car before I realized I had a flat tire. Go figure, this is me we are talking about. I think Murphys law was written for me. "If anything can go wrong it will." Normally a flat tire is no big deal, you switch to a spare and your on the road again. But I am driving a two month old van and have never needed a spare before. So I descovered three hours from home, on a sunday, in the middle of no-where that I wasn't given the spare when we bought the van. Thank you Brian! He rounded up a compressor and generator, then followed me to Smithfield, filling up my tire about every 15 to 20 minutes. Since every tire place was closed I stopped at my Uncle Glens house and he saved me. This time with a quick plug, which he showed me how to install. I now carry these little plugs in my van and can install them my self if needed. Everything I know about cars I learned from my Uncle Glen, who has saved me at least a dozen times over the years. So needless to say we never made it to Bear Lake, but we did make it home. Blake was waiting when I pulled in after nine and bathed the kids for me so I could just take a break. Three days in the mountains with 7 kids is a lot of work. Sorry no pictures, my camera battery was dead, Murphys law!


Carlie & Markell said...

ha ha I love you I wish I could have made it up. Sounds like a great time. Next time for sure. At least im all moved now and done. Hope to see you soon!!

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