Wednesday, July 9, 2008

This Week...

This week we celibrated the forth with our close friends and neighbors. Terrin had a great idea to have an easy breakfast in her back yard that morning before everyone went off to there various activities. It was really nice to just visit and relax before the day got crazy. I think we all decided to make it a yearly tradition and mabie try omlets next year. The kids thought the best part was Micah supplying choclate milk from his ever so fancy drink belt. Thanks Micah!

After breakfast Blake and I headed to the Surf and Swim with Mike and Erin, and of course the kids came to. An hour later after realizing Layton City had a huge Forth of July Celibration surrounding the Surf and Swim we gave up and went to Roy Aquatic center. It was a little more windy and overcast than we would have liked but still a lot of fun. We didn't stay too long before we headed home, worked on the shed, BBQed with the Delunas and finally settled down to do fire works. Shane and Kathy, Mike and Erin, Tonya and Micah (thier friends) and us all sat in the culdesac and set off fireworks. We had quite a few. The adults I'm pretty sure had more fun than the kids especially since my girls all ended up in the house asleep within the first 15 minutes. They were quite scared after one firework decided to shoot toward where everyone was sitting we, ok mostly I, screamed. Ooops!

It was a fun and busy day and Blake and I were very ready to get to sleep. But, go figure, a couple of hours later all of our smoke detectors went off. Blake a I jumped out of bed and raced to the kids bedrooms, about then the detectors stopped going off. After making sure our kids were fine we check the rest of the house and couldn't find anything. Because all the detectors are hard wired together, when one goes off they all do. Making it impossable to tell which room the problem came from. We tried to go back to bed but were both on edge after that. Not a good night. We never did find a problem, but the most frightening part about the whole thing is that not one of our kids woke up. If our house really does ever start on fire Blake and I are going to have to move really fast.


Melissa and Dave said...

Sounds fun. Micah has a drink belt? What's up with that? I wanna see.

Carlie & Markell said...

You are always doing fun stuff!! I miss you! Lets get together and do something soon!

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