Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kenzie's Birthday!

My little LOU turned six on Wednesday! It was a low key birthday this year but I think she still had fun. All Kenzie wanted for her birthday was a trip to the dollar store. She and I went while the twins were at preschool and she got to pick 5 things that she couldn't live without. (one of which broke in the car on the way home.) For lunch we took Emily, Jacie and Ellie with us at Arctic Circle and met up with Erin, Mike and Camrie there. I wouldn't say it was a party, but she thought it was so I didn't tell her otherwise. Kenzie got to decorate her own cupcakes, with sprinkles and frosting everywhere. She loved her gifts from us and got some fun toys and a new blankey from her friends and lots of money from her grandparents. I am so proud of Kenzie and the little person she is becomming. Now if we can just get school start so she'll quit begging me to go to kindergarden.


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