Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My babies are off to Preschool!

The big day has finally arrived! Brynlie and Brecken started preschool. They were both so excited and trouble sleeping the night before. Brecken crawled in my bed at 6am and asked if I could do her hair so we could go.

I expected Brecken to have a hard time with out me because of her attached nature in church, but she surprised me and didn't have any problem at all. As I pulled up to the school and started getting out of the van to walk them to class she asked me why I was getting out of the van and told me I couldn't go because this wasn't my class. She agreed to let me walk Brynlie and her to the room and take their picture but as soon as I was done she just said goodbye and didn't look back. Brynlie did great to, I expected that from her, she is so easy going.
No tears, yet. I have had a house full of little ones for so long that I'm still waiting for it all to hit me, next week when Kenzie is in Kindergarden and I am home alone I am sure it will all sink in.


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