Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Off to School

The night before school started the kiddo's where finally able to get there first look at the inside of the new school. So much is still unfinished. There is no lunch room or library, no grass and a lot of touch up work to be done. But what is done is pretty cool and a lot nicer than there old school. The best part according to the Kylie and Kaysn, they have lockers!!!

The first day of School went pretty smoothly. Kylie didn't want her picture taken and was ticked off when I took the one outside of the school. Liz is in her class again and they couldn't wait to scope out all the boys. Kaysn was super excited and a little nervous because he doesn't know any of the kids in his class. I'm not too worried about him though, he makes friends really easily. Kenzie only got to meet her teacher an tour the School. Kindergarden will do testing all week and she will officially start on Monday. But it has helped to calm her nerves knowing who her teacher is and what her classroom will be like. Kaysn is only two rooms down from her which helps too. Now I just have to get in the swing of things.


Poohbear said...

HI Sadie,

This is Heather Moncur AKK (Donna's Friend)Ur kids R really getting big....When I saw them last the Twin's were Baby's...Now preschool..I love UR blog....Where do U find all the cute stuff on UR blog....Here is my tiggerlovespooh83318.blogspot.com..I think we all love the 1st day of school..Heather M

Kassey said...

I can't believe how big your girls are, they are so cute. I don't think that I have seem them since they were babies! All your kids are darling!

Cammie said...

Hey Sadie,
Your kids are so big and adorable. I can't believe the twins are that old. It is good to hear from you.
Keep in touch

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