Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Playing catch up

I have missed blogging so many things this month, so I thought I would take a minute and play catch up. The girls and I built a haunted ginger bread house. It was a rainy weekend and Kaysn and Kylie ware out of town so it was fun to just do something with the little girls. They had a lot of fun attaching the candy, and as soon as we where done they couldn't wait to start eating it.

This may be the only Preshcool class picture with Brecken in it. She is still refusing to go to preschool without me. Mrs. Tammy took the kids on a field trip to Hamblin Dairy, and I got to tag along. The girls had a lot of fun, it was especially cool to them because they know that their dad used to milk for the dairy. The highlight for all the kids were the calves but none loved them as much as Brecken who actually KISSED one.

We got an unusual snow storm last weekend. Brecken woke up first thing in the morning and came to tell me it was Christmas today and Santa Clause was comming. After Church we pulled out hats and gloves and played in the snow. We got in a huge snowball fight and made a row of snowmen, which - go figure, were all melted by the next afternoon.


Carlie & Markell said...

Sadie Im sure you have the cutest kids ever! I love the haunted gingerbread house its adorable thats such a cute idea! I want to do it with Markell. I miss you!

Terryn and Nick said...

Oh my, I can't believe that Brecken kissed the baby cow. Wait.. yes I can. Such a silly girl. Oh, and your haunted gingerbread house is super cute. Love it.

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