Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Brecken and Brynlie!

My babies turned four on September 20th, yeah, yeah I know it was a month ago, better late than never aye? I can't believe it has been four years, the time has gone so quickly. We had friends over for cake and ice cream and they enjoyed playing with new dolls, blankets and singing into their 'Hannah Montana' Microphones.
Bryn loves everything yellow, thus the yellow cake. She wears yellow almost every day. Her best friend (other than Breck) is our little neighbor boy, Hunter. Bryn is constantly making observations and makes the cutest comments. My dad was just here visiting and in the middle of breakfast she turned to him and said 'You are my favorite grandpa, your the very best, goodest grandpa in the whole wide world.' Later that day after he left she said, 'Mom, my grandpa loves to see me. We are good friends.' Bryn loves going to preschool and is just an easy going, happy little girl.

Breck is as girly as they come. She loves sparkley things, pink and purple, dresses and skirts, tights and fancy shoes. She loves getting her hair done and doing her sister and friends hair. Brecken is very affectionate. She gives hugs and kisses out by the dozen and is always the first to say I love you. She can be really attached to her mom and often won't go to precschool because she will 'miss me.' Brecken is very protective of all of her sisters and brother and will even speak up to Kaysn and Kylies friends in defense of them. She is often "too big for her britches."


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