Sunday, March 8, 2009

One crazy night...

One crazy night, not so long ago (okay last saturday.) Kenzie had a run in with the Wells wiskey barrel. I was off having my nails done when in walks Blake, carrying Kenzie and with a look of sheer panic on his face. In all fairness, it looked worse than it was. She had cut on her upper lip, the obvious part, but no one seemed to know what to do about the inside of her mouth, which was all ripped up and looked pretty nasty. So off we went to urgent care, who an hour later sent us to the ER, who after three hours referred us to an oral surgeon. So after a trip to the oral surgeon on Monday, we have come to the conclusion she will live. Her upper gums will require some surgery, but not until her perminent teeth come in. And if she has damaged her perminent teeth there is nothing they can do until they comes in. Blake and I missed going to dinner and dancing that night and at first I was a little frustrated and disappointed. But my attitude quickly changed when I got a glimpse of her faith. She told me that before Blake brought her to find me, he was really worried and even panicked about what to do and she asked him if they could say a prayer. Then while in the ER the DR. was talking about the scarring to her face and how unsightly the gums may heal....because she has a really toothy smile, he was worried about her being self concious. After he left the room she told me she wasn't worried about the scars because Heavenly Father would fix it for her when Jesus comes again. I am so proud of the faith and calm she presented in a time when I expected my most dramatic child to be quite dramatic.


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