Monday, March 9, 2009

Shane's Smokin' Truck

hey dad did it work? Saturday as I was coming home from Walmart I passed Shane on the side of the road with his hood up and smoke pouring out. Kathy was driving home and the truck just quit. She walked home and sent him to get the truck which when he arrived was smoking. When I arrived the smoke seemed to be fizzling out, so he shut the hood and we were going to push it around the corner to his house. I moved my van out of the way and turned back to help. It had started smoking really heavily again so I ran home and grabbed a fire extinguisher. We emptied the whole thing on the engine compartment and nerviously watched as the smoke continued. Not sure what else to d...we called the Fire Department. The kiddo's watched from the back of my van as the engine pulled up and sprayed down the engine compartment. Then we all stood around and watched as the Fire Dept. tried to pin-point the cause of the smoke. Appartently the battery was grounding out on the frame and causing electrical current to fill the compartment and fry all the electrical wires. The weird part is most of the smoke came from the power steering line? Anyhow it was an adventurous afternoon and poor Shane and Kathy are out a truck...sorry guys.


Cheri said...

Hey those are great pics. I can see my hubbies coat in some of them. I am going to have to steal them from you. Someone told me I could just get them off your blog, but I wonder the quality. I will have to try it.

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