Monday, March 30, 2009

Super Sunday!

We like to try and cram a lot of events into one day. Mabie it's the sense of accomplishment when it's done. But add yesterdays yucky on-again, off-again snow and an upset stomach and it makes for a stressful day. At 9am JD and Mindy blessed their new baby girl Nashton, (Nash) in Layton. Then we went to breakfast with my Mom and Bri who had driven up from Smithfield, in the yucky snowy, windy weather. Then, home for a couple hours while Blake, Kaysn, Kenzie and Brynlie went to our ward for primary. Blake subbed Kaysn's class which Kaysn thought was pretty cool. I stayed home with Brecken who doesn't go to class anyway and laid in bed trying to sleep off whatever version of yuck I've caught. After church the snow had stopped so we thought we were in the clear and headed to Cache Valley for Destrie's 9th birthday party with all the family. (She got a really cool beach cruiser, that I am totally jealous of.) After cake and ice cream, I took Bart and Jared and we went to visit my Grandpa Elder in the hospital. He has pneumonia and has been in for a couple of days, but they expect him to come home Monday. He was having a hard time when I saw him, he kept complaining about the bed being uncomfortable and talking about not wanting cut flowers or soft music, cause they were only for funerals. The last few times I have seen him he retells the story of bringing me home from Alaska when I was about one and having to rent a car during a layover because I kept crying and wouldn't stop. Then when we got back to Utah I wouldn't go to anyone but him. I love hearing him tell it. It was nice to visits with my bro's on the drive to and from the hospital before I dropped them off at Bart's place. I headed back to Sierra and Marc's but couldn't stay long because we still had to pick up Kylie from her dad's in North Salt Lake, and the storm was getting bad again. We were home by 8:30, with time to read, pray and clean up a little before bed. All in all it was a good day..... now if I could just get over being sick.


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