Thursday, March 26, 2009


So I thought I would post a new picture of Kenzie's eye in all it's colors. I can't believe how long it has stayed black, and blue, and yellow.....
Ky has been asking me to post her cute new hair-do for a few days now so her dad can see it. The picture is not great cause she was home from School sick today but since she will be at his house tomorrow, I am running out of chances. Jamie Lord is her YW leader and an awesome stylist. We love her new look, it is so fun and young and as she likes to call it, 'rocker'. I am tempted to cut mine like it, but the last thing Ky wants is to look like me, so mabie not.


Micah and Tanya said...

super cute cut! wish I could cut mine like that too!

Brian said...

Lulu needs to wear a helmet during all waking hours. Does she sleep walk?

Rock on Ky! Cool doo!

Terryn and Nick said...

Love Kylie's haircut! So cute!

I love the story of you forgetting Bryn's shoes, too funny.

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