Thursday, April 16, 2009

around the house....

Kylie said after tripping up the stairs...."Yes, it is possible to trip up a staircase and you don't even want to see what I can do on flat surfaces."

Brynlie is convinced that Hunter Wells (across the street) is her boyfriend, she told me the other day that they are going to get married and have kids and a real motorcycle, and go on a date but mom we can't kiss yet, not until we're bigger. (SLOW DOWN BABE! Mommy isn't quite ready for you to be thinking about this stuff yet.)

Yesterday I walked outside and noticed big wads of gum stuck to the sidewalk, I walked a little closer and realized that Kaysn and Brennick have caught Dragonfly's and pinned their tails down with the gum, most of the poor dragonfly's were already dead.....BOYS, seriously how do they think of these things?

Brecken informed me that I am a mean mom and she wants to go live with Erin (next door) she is nicer than me cause her kids have a big swimming pool, so she must LOVE her kids.


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