Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter, Easter and more Easter.

Our kids scored with three Easter egg hunts this year. Syracuse City has one on Saturday morning that we have gone to for 5 years. The kids are all old enough to really get into it now and got a good stash. Then we stood in line for a good a good half hour to get Easter Bunny pictures.
At 10:45 Mike and Erin told us they had just driven past Walmart and there was going to be a huge hunt there at of course, we couldn't miss it and raced right down. (The kids loved it but Blake and I could have passed on the high pitched whistles they each got, obviously the person in charge either didn't have kids, or was upset that they were stuck working Easter weekend and threw the whistles in there just to 'show' us. Either way, Thanks Walmart :)
The kids all got a big surprise Easter Morning. We gave them each a picture of the Jonas Brothers and announced we were going to see them at the Stadium of Fire. As expected they were all screaming and completely thrilled. We have since discovered that Kenzie thinks Joe is cute, Brynlie, Brecken and Kylie all think Nick is (in Breckens terms) HOT! Brynlie however recieved a phone call from Nick on her plastic mermaid cell phone and he has asked her to marry him. Kaysn thinks they are pretty awesome but thankfully does not think any of them are cute or hot.
Last but certainly not least the kids each got new Sunday clothes and we went to church. Afterwards we had some of our closest friends, The Bones, Surgeoners, and Edgertons, over for lunch, Easter crafts and an egg hunt in our yard. I could have skipped the other hunts and just done this. We do it every year and it is always nice to be in good company, enjoying the sunshine and watching the kids-be kids. I took way too many pictures, so I'll try to only bore you with a few.


Jen said...

It's so fun to see your cute family. I'm excited to get caught up with you.

Semrows said...

Cute blog Sadie! You always amaze me all the stuff you get done in a day. I saw you commented on Chenelle's page. We've got one on my name.

Dream Big Designs said...

So cute! Love the massive bunny!

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