Monday, June 22, 2009

Kaysn's baseball team

Kaysn was on an amazing baseball team this year. His coaches were John Behrends and Matt Call, (and most the dads too.) Three of his close friends played on his team, Lance, Kade and Brennick. We loved going to all of his games and watching him play. He is getting really good at hitting and surprised us with some of his catches and plays. Though they don't keep score at this age the team was excellent and undoubtedly outscored every team they played. All in all it was good times and a great experience. The last game was on Friday and we celebrated with a pizza party after each of the boys received their trophy. It was the perfect ending to a great season.


callclan said...

I am going to miss seeing you guys every wednesday and Friday!!!

Dream Big Designs said...

Looks fun and the footbath sounds really good right now.

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