Thursday, June 18, 2009


Chenelle and Rachael came over and Kristi treated all three of us to Pedicures while the kids played and napped. We had a really fun afternoon (well except mabie Kristi, who sat on the floor and did all the work.) My girls just had to have a turn after we finished up. They loved the electric foot bath and even Kaysn was waiting in line to try it. Then, while I took Brecken and Brynlie and ran to pick up Kylie, Kaysn and Kenzie stayed home and took turns (every 15 minutes) using it. Who knew it would be such a hit, it's been sitting in my bathroom for a few years and I never pull it out. Guess I know what to grab next time I want the kids to sit still for a while.


callclan said...

That sounds like a fun and relaxing day, I really could of used one of those after tuesday!!!

Terryn and Nick said...

I totally have one of those, I've never thought to whip it out for my kiddos! Excellent idea!

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