Monday, June 15, 2009

Nic and Nicky's Wedding

Nicholas and Nichole were Married on June 6th in the Logan Temple. I was able to be behind the scenes the whole day. They looked amazing and are such a fun couple. In the Temple the officiator mentioned the kiss at the end of the ceremony and Nic told him "We don't do that!" then when they were asked to kiss Nic said, "For you I will" he is quite the character. Also at the Brunch Uncle Reed was blessing the food and thanked H.F. for the opportunity we all had to attend the sealing of Nicolas and Nicolas....I think the Nic and Nic confusion has just begun. But it is fun and they are really good sports about it. The reception was in Glenn and Stacey's yard. The rain threatened but held out and left us with perfect weather. Not to hot or too cold. At the end of the reception everyone held sparklers in two lines and they walked down the middle. It was really cool, totally beats rice and bubbles. Congrats Nicky!


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