Thursday, July 16, 2009

My little runaway.

(Face Book Conversation)

ME: I always new that one of these days one of my girls would try and run away with her boyfriend, I just didn't think it would be today.

AMBER: What? :-(

ME: Brynlie and the neighbor boy, took a cruise on his (Battery Operated) Motorcycle today. They said they were headed to Walmart and they got pretty far from home. It was really scary, then really funny and cute since these two swear that they are boyfriend and girlfriend and will someday get married, (and have 109 kids, they will live at his parents house and their kids will have to sleep on the floor cause there wont be enough beds.) So go figure they needed to go to Walmart. They have it all figured out. Wish I knew what I was doing with my life at that age.

MICHELLE: K that was so not funny and one of the scariest moments of my life!!! But yeah Hunter said they did have it al figured out unless the battery would have died and than he didn't know how they were getting back. Guess they didn't know the way home if they were on foot!!! After what has gone on with those two in just the past week, I'm getting pretty worried about what they will do when they are a little older!! But yeah, they are really cute together and swear they are in love! She told me she has no other friends when Hunter is around, he has told all my family they are getting married so they can kiss, made me laugh!!!
K by the way on my way home from Walmart I just clocked how far they were, from where they were in my garage they were exactly one mile, ONE WHOLE STINKEN MILE!!!!!!

ME: Scary! I didn't even eat last night cause I was seriously sick to my stomach. I saw your hubby coming home when I was on my way to Smiths and just laughed...he didn't even know what he was about to hear. Blake laughed and scolded and laughed. It is hard to be too mad when they are soo stinkin' cute. Thinking back I wish I had a picture. We love them don't we? Of course we do!!!

MICHELLE: gads, I thought the same thing about a picture!! That is crazy!! Last night after they were in bed and I ran to the store, being all by myself I really thought about it and it made me more sick than I had been before! Sure glad he was there to wake up this morning, the little stinkers.

ANGELA: We saw 2 kids almost to the fire dept. Was that them? They looked so scared and a police officer ended up stopping I’m assuming to help.

AMBER: lol--That is funny! I love her! ;-) I bet that was extremely scary though but it is cute how "in love" they are!

MICHELLE: yep, that was them!!!

ME: I think the police officer was already at the fire station and only stopped to laugh. He said it was the best thing he’d seen in a couple of weeks. I told him to stop laughing because it really wasn’t that funny and I thought I was going to be sick over it. Somehow I didn’t find it as funny as he did.
I don’t know how scared they were, they didn’t want to get off the bike and come with us when we stopped them. They had plans.


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