Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Weekend

We have had a great weekend celebrating the fourth. Blake and I went shooting with Micah and Tanya first thing Friday morning. I have never been before but couldn't wait. I shot Blakes 38 Special revolver, which I hated because I had a hard time lining up the sights. Then I tried Micah's, Smith and Wesson, Springfield 40, which was miles better than the revolver cause I could at least hit the target. Then I shot the 22 Rifle, which was my favorite because it made me look good, I could get all the shots in a tight little circle on the target. It was so fun, I can't wait to go again.

That night we had a BBQ, with a bunch of our friends from the neighborhood and rounded out the night with a campfire and slept out in a tent in the yard.....WAIT.....I can't skip the part where Cassidy threw up at the fire (a flu bug had already been working it's way though everyone's houses.) Then as everyone was going to bed it started raining pretty hard. The older boys were on the tramp, so they made there way into the Tomlinsons tent, Veronica put Kennidy in the house, I had Kenzie and Kylie in the house with me. Blake was out with the Twins and Kaysn , and sometime in the night someone pee'd their Jammies and Brecken threw up. Good time, good times. (Must we all be punished for trying to do something fun with the fam?)

Saturday morning we had our second annual neighborhood breakfast at the Stagges. We started this last year and really enjoyed it. Gladly nothing too eventful happened and we got off on the right foot for the rest of the day. We tried out the Kaysville parade, which was packed but awesome, for everyone but Brecken who was devastated because all the candy that was thrown didn't come her way. Luckily, some lady was walking around handing out prizes and gave both Brecken and Brynlie blow-up Tweety birds, which saved the day.....whomever you are THANK YOU!

We had a BBQ lunch with the Tomlinsons then got ready and headed off to the main event, The Stadium of Fire featuring the Jonas Brothers. We didn't know how great our seats would be until we got there, but I was very happy with them. They were at the very top under the scoreboard, which meant we couldn't make out many facial expressions unless they were on the big screens but had and amazing view of the floor shows, Fighter jets, Helicopters, Olympic torch and fireworks. The event was televised live to the Troops which meant that this year there were lots of little extras......some of the highlights were the 4 f16's that flew in formation directly over us, then later two Black hawk helicopters flew over, the national Anthem was sang by us, the audience, so that the cameras could pan the audience for the troops to see. They had presentations of US flags from the original until today. They retired the BYU flag the covered almost the entire football field and was hung at the 2002 winter Olympics here in Utah. Members of the Air Force presented the flag then carefully placed it into the bottom of the Olympic Torch and incinerated it. It was really cool to watch the torch light up as it was retired and the fireworks that they shot off all around it. She-Daisy Performed, and of course the main event the Jonas Brothers. They really played a full concert, at least ten songs, including all the kids favorites. Then there were of course many more amazing fireworks ( which Brecken toughed out pretty well, there were a few screams and tears, but I had anticipated worse.) It was a very powerful, even spiritual night, and amazing to be celebrating in such great numbers. I hope our kids will remember it fondly for years to come as something we got to experience together.


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