Sunday, August 30, 2009


Well alas Kylie, Kaysn and Kenzie have started a new year of School. I can't believe Ky is in JR High (I am sooo old.) She was excited and a little nervous leading up the the first day, but once she was surrounded by her friends again - all was good! It will be an adjustment for her since they rotate through 7 classes a day. Kaysn is in 3rd grade and his teacher Mrs. Medina, is married to one of the High School Football coaches, so he thinks she is pretty cool. Her classroom theme this year is sports, all kinds, and she is very highly recommended so we are excited to see what the year brings. (He is also really excited to learn cursive.) Kenzie is in 1st grade and has Mrs. Casebolt. She was really nervous on the first day because she hadn't had a chance to meet her teacher. After the first day she came home really excited and said she loved her, so all is good. I can't wait to see Kenzie really start reading this year. She is already doing so well and is picking it up quickly.


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