Sunday, August 30, 2009

Go Syracuse Storm!

Kaysn is playing football this year. It has been a big commitment, for both him and mom, but is starting to pay off. His first Region game was on Saturday against Kaysville. It was an extremely close game but the Storm won in Double overtime 19/18. I had so much fun watching and was literally sick to my stomach there at the end. He has come a long way since our first practices. Kaysn is learning to hit and hit hard and is catching on to the complexities of the game. I'm sure he understands it better than I do. (Not that it takes much to surpass my knowledge of the game.) He got a lot more play time then he did last week when we played Morgan, (non-region) so we are really proud of him and excited for him to have this experience. He was really lucky and was picked up in the Draft by coach DeVries, who really loves the game and wants the kids to understand and love it. I really think he got the best of the four coaches, we couldn't have asked for a better coach or coaching staff.


Nick and Terryn said...

Go Kays! By the way, love the new header! So Cute!

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