Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Christmas a couple days early

Grandma Wilson had come to stay with us for a few days before Christmas to help me after my Back Surgery.  It was really nice to visit with her and pretty funny to see the pair we made.  She wasn't much further out of Back Surgery than I was...her second we made quite the crippled pair.  But it's a week I won't soon forget.  Grandpa Wilson and Gus came to pick her up and before they headed home a couple of days before Christmas we exchanged Christmas gifts.  Mom had asked me to put together some Calendars for each of the families for Christmas.  They included multiple photos of all the cousins and were very fun for the kids to look at.  We had a good time exchanging gifts and visiting with Grandpa and Gus before they headed back home. 
Kylie had been visiting and also had to head home the next day.  We let her open her Christmas ELMO PJ's and then had our family gift exchange.  We had exchanged names earlier in the month and had decided that we would each 'make' a gift for the person we got.  Kylie wasn't home when we drew names so I just planned on doing something for her.  But I was very touched when Kaysn asked if we could make her a special t-shirt with each of our hand prints on it.  She has been calling herself the Kupcake Ninja as a silly nickname and so we printed on the front, 'We love our Kupcake Ninja' and on the back wrote 'Our circle is not complete without you.'  Kaysn's idea because we have all been struggling with her being at her dads house for School, and our Family Prayer Circle and Family Cheer just hasn't been the same.  Each person took a turn giving the gift they had made.  Dad made Brynlie a necklace with her name on  it.  Brynlie made Kenzie a bracelet.  Kenzie had Brecken and made her a necklace.  Brecken made me a bracelet, and I made Kaysn a special football journal.  Kaysn then gave Dad the handprint shirt he had made for him and then emotions rose when he gave Kylie her Kupcake Ninja t-shirt.  Kylie was very touched and her and Kaysn both teared up, which quickly spread the to the rest of us.  Hug and kisses went around the room and we all were filled with the spirit of Christmas and love for our little family.


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