Monday, March 1, 2010

Christmas Goodies

I love all the fun treats and crafts that come through our house this time of year. The kids bring things home almost daily. We also try to do some fun projects as a family. I love making my Grandma Elders 'Vanilla Cookies' recipe, no matter how many other recipes I try it always remains my favorite. I think memories of making them with her or at home with my family make them hard to beat. The kids love helping to cut them out and sometimes go a little overboard with the sprinkles, but they eat them so what do I care.
Kylie made the gingerbread house with the kids one evening and it sat long enough for me to capture a photo before it started getting devoured. Kaysn and Kenzie made so many cute projects at School, I wanted to capture just a few of their favorites.

Ky, your just too cute!!! and so silly. I had to post the cookies Megan brought us, super cute idea! We'll definitely make them together next year.


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